Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Teach 21 Reflections

1. What has Teach 21 meant to me?
I can't believe how much I've learned this year through Teach 21! I went into this hoping I would be a little more tech savvy at the end of the year and maybe expose my students to some technology to better prepare them for the future. It has become so much more!

2. How has it changed my teaching?
I use technology in my classroom every single day of the week! In fact, a few weeks ago we had a virus going through the school and we had to shut down everything and I had this brief moment of panic thinking, "How am I going to teach math without my SmartBoard??" Of course, we survived and came out of the day unscathed, but it made me realize what a HUGE part of my teaching the technology has become. I don't think my students are even aware of how many skills they have learned this year because they are so used to utilizing them every day. It is a part of their lives now and I only hope this carries over and makes them better prepared for the "real world".

3. What impact has it had on my students? How do I know?
My students have had a better quality learning experience this year through the use of technology in our classroom. They are far ahead of many of their peers in other schools through their exposure and use of technology this school year! I can't wait to see what they accomplish after they leave me!

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Mrs. Edwards said...

I smiled when I read you response to questions number 2. I am having a very similar experience right now. My teacher laptop is being worked on upstairs (I am having to use the old beat-up desktop in my room) :)
The laptops that are normally in my classroom are not here and my small group is having difficulty figuring out what to do (I had to reach deep in my teacher bag to try find some creative things they could do without technology).
I enjoyed reading your reflection about using technology in your instruction!